Privacy and data policy

July 2021


    As established by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation / GDPR), TARRADELLAS ADVOCATS, trademark with which operates the legal office created and managed by the Lawyer Mr. Josep Tarradellas Garriga, with address in Rambla Catalunya 91-93, 8è 3ª, 08008 Barcelona, Spain; and with NIF 39366455-T will be responsible of the data processing.

    In this Privacy Policy we will disclose the information of the use that Tarradellas Advocats will do with the personal data obtained from the Web users. Tarradellas Advocats is firmly compromised with the data protection, and this statement describes why and how we will use it.

    Por any doubts related to the data processing; you can contact


    For further clarification regarding the nature of the information to be provided, please refer to the Legal Notice.

    The user undertakes to provide truthful and authenticated information, and so that the information is not erroneous and is up to date he must communicate to Tarradellas Advocats – as soon as possible – any modifications and corrections to their personal data.

    In accordance with the provisions of Article 5. 1 b) of the General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data of users will be processed for the development and execution of the information and services requested and/or contracted, which include:

    • Inquiries made through the contact form on the Web.
    • Management of the staff selection process for Tarradellas Advocats.
    • Professional, administrative, accounting, and fiscal management of the controller.
    • Adequate elaboration of the requested service proposal
    • Continuous contact to obtain the necessary information, relevant updates and any contractual obligations that need to be met by Tarradellas Advocats.
    • Management of the Web.
    • Establishment of contact with Tarradellas Advocats.
    • Direct contact with clients to find out how satisfied they are with the provided services.
    • Archiving of files.

    Regarding the retention period, and as set out in Article 5. 1 e) of the General Data Protection Regulation, the data of the users will remain active and stored in the database for the sufficient time and until the user withdraws the consent granted for the management of personal data. When the data is no longer required for what was originally collected, and when the contractual relationship or the legal requirement for the data to be stored is extinguished or terminated, it will be stored and duly blocked until it is safely destroyed, in compliance with the legally established deadlines.


    Legitimacy with respect to the processing related to the development and execution of the services requested and/or contracted with Tarradellas Advocats originates from the contractual relationship between the parties. For the rest of the data processing, the legal consent given is required. For more information, see the Legal Notice.

    Users may exercise their rights of access, use, rectification and deletion of data upon request, in the same way that they may request to withdraw their consent at any time, by appearing at Tarradellas Advocats, Via Augusta 48-54, 5-6, 08 006 Barcelona, Spain, or by email to info@tarradellas-advocats. com, after proving their identity by official document (DNI or similar).

    The user will be able to exercise the following rights:

    • Access to the personal data that is being collected and processing operations.
    • Rectification of any data that is inaccurate.
    • Deletion of personal data, in the cases provided for by law.
    • To request the limitation of the personal data in the cases determined by law.
    • The portability of personal data when the legal basis for processing is a contractual relationship or explicit consent.
    • Opposition to the personal data processing in the cases permitted by the regulations.
    • To revoke consent, at any time.

    The rights referred to above may be exercised – under the terms and conditions provided for in current legislation – at the domicile of Tarradellas Advocats, or by sending an email to The application must indicate the right to be exercised and the specific identifying information.

    In the event that a satisfactory answer is not received and there’s a wish to make a complaint or obtain more information regarding any of these rights, the user has the right to lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency located at C/ Jorge Juan, 6 in Madrid ( or -where applicable – with the Catalan Data Protection Authority at Carrer del Rosselló, 214 in Barcelona (


    Tarradellas Advocats works with the levels of security required by the General Data Protection Regulation at all times, adequate to the nature of the data being processed in each case, without prejudice to the malicious acts of third parties that may exist.

    Personal data will only be shared with third parties when expressly authorized or legally permitted. If this is the case, it will be done within the framework of contractually protected relationships, and with security mechanisms appropriate to preserve privacy and data protection, always under the standards of responsibility and confidentiality.

    The user declares that he has read and understood this Privacy Policy.